Our Mission

Shifa Healing Co. aims to assist women of all backgrounds to break free from the detrimental impact of negative emotional experiences that affect their ability to live fulfilling and happy lives.

Shifa Healing Co - Green Flower - transp
Shifa Healing Co - Green Flower - transp
Aminah Jayne O'Rourke
Accredited EFT Practitioner

Aminah Jayne is a married, mother of 4 and resides in Manchester, UK. She has supported women in many guises for over a decade, so much so that it is recognised as a significant part of her identity.  Her practical support for women, Muslim and non-Muslim increased significantly when she embraced Islam in 2012. Hardly a day goes by without someone contacting her for empathetic advice or confidential support. Whether it be in her personal or professional life Aminah Jayne always seemed to find herself in support roles; often helping women that were enduring intense life experiences or trauma. 


Individual EFT with 
Aminah Jayne
client-centered approach


Group EFT guided by Aminah Jayne
for general issues we trip over as we walk through life


Topic-focused Group EFT
a great session to benefit from a small group setting where the focus is around one issue in particular eg. the physical symptoms of anxiety,
overwhelming emotions that accompany grief, and physical pain management

It’s like entering a realm of peace and tranquility, in which you feel safe and an escape from pain becomes visible.

It has allowed my clustered mind of anxiety to think less restrictively and instead, more freely.

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