How Does EFT Work?

Modern science has not fully caught up with the phenomena that is EFT yet.  However, there is a growing body of research on this unique therapeutic method available to examine. I can teach you the art and craft of ‘Self Help EFT’ via one-to-one consultation or group work. Here though, is an understanding and explanation of the mechanics of EFT from the basics of traditional Chinese medicine.

Energy Psychology

EFT helps mind and body by combining the elements of western talk therapy and eastern energy medicine. We use simple questions to focus our words on an aspect of an issue or emotional blockage: at the same time we tap gently with our fingertips on acupressure points (on ourselves) and test as we go for any changes. The tapping is very simple in itself: the skill lies in the questioning and the testing process that is skillfully employed.

Female Hypnotherapy Patient

Meridian Energy

Eastern medicine focuses on the flow of subtle electro-magnetic energy known as Qi, Chi, Ki or Pranna. This energy can be measured and flows throughout the body along pathways of lower electrical resistivity in the fascia and connective tissue. These pathways are like your ‘energy motorway’ (or interstate) system only they all connect: one ends and the next begins. You can imagine big roundabouts at these energy motorway junctions.

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Female Hypnotherapy Patient

Flow = No Pain

When Qi is flowing smoothly around your energy motorways you feel calm, think clearly and get things done.  Acupuncturists say:  Flow = No Pain, Pain = No Flow. This applies equally to emotional pain as it does to physical pain. When there is stagnation or turbulence we feel distress or agitation, we can’t think straight and we can behave irrationally. Indeed, our emotions are the conscious experience of different disturbances in this flow.

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Fear is an Energy Pattern

A ‘traffic jam’ in one part of your energy transport system may manifest as anger, a different stuck pattern may manifest as fear.  We all know that there are countless ways that traffic can get snarled up and that it can be continually changing.  Turbulent energy, or energy that becomes blocked can be experienced as strong emotions; irrational or unwanted behaviors; physical pain or sensations, or as loaded thoughts.

Female Hypnotherapy Patient

Words Target: Tapping Clears

EFT uses words to tune into stuck patterns and uses tapping to loosen the blockages. The acupressure points that are tapped in EFT are the junctions / roundabouts of our ‘energy motorways’. If we get the junctions flowing, we get the system flowing, as it should.  In a session we would talk about an aspect of your issue / problem / fear as we go though the tapping routine, then we would observe and measure what is different. It is also possible to achieve positive results when only sharing a small amount of words with a trained practitioner in a session the client wishes to maintain a degree of privacy. EFT is most effective at the level of sensory detail, getting there is where the skill lies.

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